Spring Equinox: Chapter 5
 Chapter 5:

I look dubiously at the vehicle in front of me. Do you know that I’m a car type of girl because I believe in safe driving and of having the safety of seatbelt protecting me from any injury... BUT I guess Oppa is not. Right in front of me was a motorbike and not just any motorbike a dangerous looking type of bike.

“Do you like it? It’s a 2011 Yamaha YZF-R6.” Yong told me happily as he pats his blue vehicle happily.

Can Oppa define the word like? I’m pretty sure that my face says my entire repulse at such transportation.

“Catch.” He told me and in reflex I caught a pink helmet. “I bought that just for you.” He then wore his black helmet before patting the back seat of the motorcycle. “Come on.”

I only stare at him but I guess he doesn’t get me at all because he laugh at me and remove his helmet. “There is no need to be embarrass. Come on.”

Sigh. “Oppa, you do realize that I’m wearing a skirt?” He looked at me in wonder before dismounting his bad boy bike.

“Then go change! I’m going to wait for you here.”

Did he just order me to change? After all the...

“But Oppa... Can’t we ride your car? I’ll wait for you here while you retrieve the car you are driving when you fetch us at the airport.” I told him but he only pouted.

“But I bought this earlier and I want to test drive it. Besides it’s easier and faster for us to reach our destination if we use this. And come on Hyun. Your house is a few steps behind us and mine is like an hour drive.” He explained.

He does have a point but I’m trying to subtly make him realize that I don’t want to ride that thing! Sigh. Fine, whatever.

“Wait for me here, Oppa.” I told him in a huff before marching to my grandparents’ house in anger.


Flaring my nose, I try to control my temper. I like my outfit earlier and now I have to change. Putting on a skinny jeans, I walk to our stairs noisily, making everyone hear that I’m currently mad at a certain individual, and I was about to go out when my mother suddenly block my path.

“Oh my Hyunnie! Why did you change your skirt?”

Crossing my arms, I glare at the door, “It’s because Oppa want me to ride his Yamaha something motorcycle! Omma, tell Oppa that I hate riding things without a seatbelt on!”

“I can’t do that Hyunnie.” My mother snorted at me. “Even though I seem really friendly with Yonghwa I can’t really order him much.”

“But you’re older than him!”

“Yes. But he has higher rank than me.” My mother told me before pushing my back, “So get out there Hyun and try to experience new things. I’m sure you’ll see this type of things as a daily occurrence in this vacation. Shoo.”

And that is how my mother kicked me out of our house. Seriously, if I know any better she’s trying to set Oppa and me. And what does she mean by higher rank? Just because Oppa is some rich cheabol that doesn’t mean he can order my family. I hate things that I don’t know.

Glaringly, I trudge back towards Yong-oppa and I found him leaning at the cursed vehicle looking straight ahead and whispering? Is he whispering in thin air? Softly, I walk towards him and tried my best to heighten my senses.

“No... I’m... tell Appa... yes... she’s going... prepared...”

Huh? It seems like he is talking to someone but he’s not holding any phone. I tried to lean more but luck is really not on my side or rather I think I’m really clumsy this day because I stepped on a rock and fell down.




“Hyun? Kwenchana?” I looked at the worried face of Yong-oppa and gave a smile accompanied by a wince.

“I’m alright Oppa.”

He touches his fringe before covering half of his face as if trying to stop himself from saying something. “I didn’t expect that you’re clumsy, Hyun.”

Me neither. “I’m not clumsy! I’m just...” Eavesdropping. Well, I really can’t say that to him. Subtly, I look at his ears to see if he has any Bluetooth device stuck in it but I only saw his star shaped earring. Who is he talking to?

“Joo Hyun!”

“Huh?” I looked at him stupidly removing my gaze from his ears to his eyes.

“And now you’re spacing out. I think you’re not feeling well this day. You want to cancel your tour with me?” He asked me and before I can even stop myself I blurt out a loud, “ANIYO!”

Ehhhh! Pabo-ya Seo Joohyun! I think I’m really turning weird because of this guy. For goodness sake I only met him a few times and I’m already doing all this un-SeoHyun behavior. What will I do if I spend more time with him?

“Really... I think you are spacing way too much.” I heard Oppa said and I can’t help but glare at him.
“-laughs- Are you glaring at me? –laughs- Hyun is so cute a glare like that doesn’t work.” He suddenly crouches down and carry me in his arms.

“I think Hyun is being spoiled. She wants Oppa to always carry her.”

“I do not!” I countered him and gave a painful slap at his chest that only made him chuckle more. Fine, *pouts* I’ll let this go for now. Be thankful you have a nice laugh, Jung YongHwa!

Putting me down gently beside his death bike, Yong-oppa put the pink helmet in my head.
“Hop on. I would like us to arrive in our first destination as soon as possible.”

I still look dubiously at the death machine. “Oppa, I don’t want to die young?”

Yong-oppa, widens his eyes before staring at me with his piercing eyes. “Is this the first time?” he asked.
“De...” I confirmed and closed my eyes as I wait for him to make fun at me but I heard nothing. Slowly opening my eyes, I saw Oppa looked at me strangely.

“Don’t worry, Hyun. I’ll drive safely. Get on.”

Yong-oppa looked at me as I balanced myself in the death machine. Once I’m settled, he wore his blue helmet and started the engine that gave a start to my poor heart.

“We are leaving now! Hang on.” He ordered me and I look at my surrounding thinking where I would hold on. Oh... Where is the wonderful device called the seatbelt...

He looked at me before grabbing both my hands and wrapping it in his waist. Once satisfied, he faced in front once again and told me, “Hold on.” And we took off.


Unexpectedly, I’m starting to appreciate Yamaha something motorcycle. Oppa was expertly driving that I almost forgot all my nervousness and the changing scenery in front of me is really breathtaking.

It was really fun and once in a while Oppa would ask me if I’m all right which was very sweet of him. Another, he would talk about certain things in Busan which was really cool because I’ve got myself a handsome tour guide.

That’s why I felt a bit saddened when we’ve finally reached our destination. He turns off the ignition before removing his helmet. Following him, I reluctantly let go of his waist and remove my pink helmet before getting off.

“Hyun, what do you think?”

His voice called me out of my disappointment as I look at my surrounding for the first time and I can’t help but be at awe. We were in front of a garden full of different flowers. An array of colors entered my eyes. It was breathtaking and what makes it more special is the only tree that is inside the garden are cherry blossoms.
I can’t even utter a word.



“Let’s go inside.”


Yong-oppa then grabs my hand and led me inside the garden. The aromas instantly entered my nose and I can’t help but smile. I love flowers because it always makes me feel good (next to goguma).

I was very preoccupied that I didn’t realize that we already reach the center of the park. I only woke up when Oppa suddenly told me to sit; I sat down in a two metal chair with a small table in front of us. Besides us is a beautiful fountain where a lone woman was seated at the center and surrounding her are different sculptures of flowers. In her hand is a flute that was held by her two hands and place at her lap. The sculpture of the woman was very pretty that she seems to glow with the sun and the water that flows in her feet.

“I guess you like my surprise.” He told me as he look at me happily.

“I do. This is really beautiful, Oppa.”

I saw him shyly fix his hair before his mouth change in that silly smile.

“I’m glad.” He said. “I have another gift to Hyun.”

He declared before smirking and snapping his fingers and in an instant his empty hands was holding a bouquet. There are carnations, daffodils, azaleas and is that dandelions?

“How did you...” I asked dumbly and he only winked at me.

“It’s magic.” He said and hand me the bouquet.

Seriously, magic? How childish can he get? But... I like this... This is the first time I receive a bouquet. It felt nice. You really are a charmer Jung YongHwa. That is why I decided I’ll learn who you really are and maybe... maybe... I could finally fall in love with you.


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Spring Equinox: Chapter 4

 Chapter 4:

A blinding white light passed through my clouded mind. I tried to swat it away but to no avail. Groaning, I covered myself with my blanket and finally the annoying light disappeared.

“Hyunnie! You need to wake up! It’s already 8:00 am and I know you. You always freak out if you don’t wake at 6:00 am. You’re already 2 hours late.” Omma said which I try in the best of my ability to tune out. I was about to fall back into dreamland until the words, two hours entered my brain.

Suddenly bolting out of my bed, I tried to gather my still sleep induced mind to work. “Omma! Why didn’t you wake me up earlier? I’m behind schedule! I’m supposed to read a few pages of my new book at 7:00! Omma!” I whined as I run back and forth to gather my things for me to look presentable that day.

“Don’t blame me, Joo Hyun. Besides, it’s vacation and it means you should stay as late as you can in bed. That’s what a normal teenager do.” My mother said as I brushed my teeth as fast as I can.

“Then I’m not normal.” I told as I try to battle my way out of my pajamas to change to my white floral skirt. About a minute or two has passed and I noticed that my mom stopped talking.

“Omma?” I called her and when no one answered, I peek outside my bathroom and saw her at my door staring in space. “Omma!”

She shook her head and gave me a smile, “You are right Joo Hyun. You are not normal because you are a very special child.” She then claps her hand and said, “Which reminds me, YongHwa’s going to visit today. He even agreed to take you out when I asked him. Aren’t your mom the greatest?”

What did she say? Yong Oppa’s coming? “And Joo Hyun, he’ll be here in… let’s see… 10 minutes. Bye!” My mom finished and she happily walks away.

“OMMA!” I screamed before shutting my bathroom door. What will I do? What will I do? You see, it’s been 2 days since I’ve met Yong Oppa. We are not someone you might consider ‘close’ because after our little ‘nickname’ episode we barely talk. Well, we are supposed to, I guess, but he got a phone call from his Appa saying that he is needed. The strange thing about it is that he seemed to control what he would answer in front of me. What I remember is; he only said the word, “De” and “Ani”.

He then gave me a small smile before excusing himself. He gave a quick goodbye to my grandparents and my mom. Before he faces me, “I’m sorry I have to leave already. Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you and hope we could get to know each other. I’m hoping will be good friends, Hyun. Bye” And he left just like that.
After he left, I actually ask, well more like interrogate, my family about him. I mean, why don’t I know him. Why does Halmeoni call him, Young Master? That type of questions and from what I got is, I don’t know him because when he was born he is already being raise as a heir therefore he was not allowed to go out of their place resulting to me not meeting him. Apparently, according to my Halmeoni, he’s a son of a very prominent person and any wrong behavior is unacceptable. And the reason why my family is close to them is because our families ‘save’ them from certain danger.

When I asked what type of danger that is, they won’t tell me at all and said that it was not right for them to talk. Basically, what I learned about Yong Oppa is, he is 2 years older than me, came from a rich background and an heir to a very prominent family which is for some odd reason indebted to us. Yes, that basically sums all of it. My non-existent understanding to Jung Yonghwa’s life which in 5 minutes would come to our house and pick me up.

Wait. Five minutes?

I look at myself and found my hair still unkempt, my top is still my pajama and I still have morning breath! And that’s how all chaos ensued.



I always view myself as an in control type of girl. I know my schedule well and I have this small journal that actually has my schedule for the day with perfect timetable and my Omma just have to screw it up.
To make matter worst, I never handle surprise schedule well that must be the reason that my usual calm self is jumping in one foot as I try to put my other sock while trying to reach the stairs which I’ll tell you is a very hard task.

So it’s not really a surprise when I felt myself flew in the air and to further make my day I landed in the arms of the guy, who by the way I think is handsome and has a special note in my head cataloging his perfection. Real normal Hyun!

Awkward laugh. “Good morning, Oppa!” I tried to greet him happily which he only returned with a glare.

“Do you know how dangerous hopping and going down the stairs is?!” he scolded me. And I might have felt offended but he’s really cute when his mad! I mean... pouts...

“Hyun! Are you listening to me!?” Oppa called me angrily. “Did no one teach you to wear your socks first before coming out?”

“But I’ve already made you wait for 20 minutes.” And I don’t want letting people wait for me.

“I’ve already waited for you for so long....” Yong Oppa didn’t even finish his sentence when he suddenly turned silent. Did I do something wrong? And why is he scolding me because of my sock wearing?

“Oppa?” I called him softly that seemed to wake him up from his reverie.

I then saw him shake his head and release a sigh. “It’s nothing. Just... it’s okay to let me wait for a few more second than me seeing you stumbling in the stairs.”

This Oppa is really weird. One time his cool, then his playful, earlier his mad and now his nostalgic. I seriously think he is having a mental illness.

“Promise me you’ll never do that again, Hyun.”

“I promise.” I told him as I look in his piercing eyes. Mental Note: Add his eyes to his perfection.
And didn’t I tell you I don’t easily fall in love? But how come looking at his eyes makes my heart go wild and I can’t help but want to touch his face. I shakily raise my hands and I was almost reaching his face when...

Oppa and I looked at my flustered mother who was holding a tray of cookies. She was looking at us happily as if we did the unthinkable. She then happily turned back and actually skips her way to the kitchen. Sometimes, I wonder who is the mother between us that reminds me...

“Put me down, Oppa!”


“But Oppa!”



I whined and wiggle myself out of his arms. Why won’t he just let me go?!

“Because I don’t want you hopping your way down a stair again.” He answered me calmly while I just gape at him. Did I just say it out loud?

“Not really. You’re just easy to read.”

He is reading my mind! Maybe he is like an evil mind reader! And I’m in his arms. I tried to wiggle more but he tightened his grip and laugh.

“I’m not an evil mind reader or whatever you are thinking.”

“Then what are you?!” I shot back that made him stop.

He looked at me before giving me a soft smile, “Someone you never imagine.”

I never imagine? Is he like an angel? Or maybe his a wizard? Or maybe an assassin? Or or a spy?

I stare at him intently that only made him laugh more. Yong Oppa then slowly put me down at our couch and mysteriously put my missing sock (which flew when I fell) and he gently wear it in my left foot.

I stare at him as he fix himself and softly pinch my nose, “I’m not anything you think of. For now, I’m only Jung Yonghwa.”


“No questions, Hyun. You’ll learn more about me as days passed but for now... Are you ready to go out?” Yong Oppa then offered his hands.

My much logical mind should have not accepted his hands at all but I can’t resist Yong Oppa and maybe not a lot can. As I told you, he just can lure you into accepting him.

As we where walking hand in hand towards our front door, Yong Oppa suddenly stops and looked at me,
“Seeing that you’re curious about me” He paused and looked at the door thoughtfully, “I’m going to assume that Hyun is interested in me?”

The nerve of that guy! I was about to slap his shoulder when he suddenly let go of my hand and jog at the front door. He then turn towards me and stick out his tongue,

“I’m joking Hyun but base on your reaction I guess it’s true!”

“Cheongmal!” I called as I race towards him. Yong Oppa then stopped my wrist that was about to hit him before holding onto my hands. He has this large grin that is so contagious that I can’t help but smile too. It’s like we both enter our own world that we didn’t even notice my whole family looking at us as we go out of our house.


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Spring Equinox: Chapter 3
 Chapter 3:

I was expecting that my grandparents actually missed me. I mean they haven’t seen me as much as they can. They would only visit us for like a month or so that is why I was expecting a large hug from them both. Imagine my surprise when Halmeoni flew herself towards the person I now dubbed ‘Hyunnie’s Robber’. Alright, maybe I should just call him the ‘Robber’ but I like my name attach to it. Cough. Nevertheless, Hyunnie’s Robber, not only stole my suitcase but also my family. They adore him so much!

“Young Master! Why are you carrying that heavy bag?” my Halmeoni fussed over which made my mother laugh. “Eomeoni, stop spoiling Yonghwa. He is strong enough to carry two luggages.”

Halmeoni gave my mom a scary glare before slapping her head, “You never grow up, YoungAl-yah!”
Yong gave them his cute... I mean... umm... alright he gave them his cute smile with his barely-there-dimple showing its way to charm both my omma and halmeoni. “Don’t worry, Halmeoni. Imo is right; I’m strong enough to carry their luggage besides my Abeoji always told me to never let a woman carry heavy things. And Halmeoni, no need to call me Young Master.”

“But...” Halmeoni was about to explain but realize I was standing just behind the Young Master. Wait... why is Halmeoni calling Hyunnie’s Robber as Young Master? Is his parent that important? Is he some rich chaebol I don’t know about?

I was about to ask them when a hug knocks my breath out, “Hyunnie! Uri Hyunnie!” My halmeoni’s voice said happily that I can’t help but smile and hug her.

I’ll interrogate my mother later but now I’ll enjoy my Halmeoni’s hug. “I miss you so much!” I told her and a wise voice suddenly said, “How about your harabeoji?”

Breaking away from my grandmother, I ran happily to my grandfather and jump to his embrace. “Aigoo!” he groaned, “Uri Hyunnie has really grown. This old man can’t carry you anymore.”

I gave him a huge grin and another fierce hug. “I miss you too, Harabeoji!” I really miss them. They are my most favorite people in the whole wide world and I know they love me too, since I’m there only grandchild. You see my mom is the only child of the family and I don’t have any sibling making me their one and only granddaughter. They always spoil me when they visit us. They would buy me anything I want and treat me like a princess.

“I told you this vacation would be fun.” My mom said happily, as she rubs her head comically. My halmeoni gave my mom a hard glare, “Did you force uri Seohyunnie in this vacation?”

“What?” my mom answered, “Of course not! Eomeoni, you know I need to go back. It’s time for us to visit you.” She emphasized and she has this look as if she’s conveying something secret to Halmeoni. I saw halmeoni gave her a very short nod that made me suspicious but before I could remark on it. I felt my Harabeoji let go of me and gave a bear hug to Hyunnie’s Robber.

“Yonghwa-yah! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you. How’s your father? I’m really glad that you grant our request to fetch YoungAl and Hyunnie.” He told him happily. Yong… I mean Yonghwa-shi… sigh… I’m giving him a LOT of nickname… Anyway, Yonghwa tried to gave my grandfather a hug, which was a bit comical because his hands are a bit preoccupied of not trying to let go of our luggage.

It was really a wonder how I never come to know him and yet my family is really close to him. The only one missing is my Appa, which for some reason I feel like he also has ‘that’ kind of relationship with him. Yonghwa-shi seems to be a likeable person that draws people to him. Maybe, that’s one of the reason I felt that certain attraction to him.

Seeing that my Harabeoji would not let go of him soon and my Halmeoni and Omma is on one of their childish fight, I decided to help the poor boy. Walking towards the choking Yong, I tried to keep my laugh at bay.

“Harabeoji, I think YongHwa-shi might die from lack of air.” I told him innocently that made my grandfather let go of him and gave a hearty, “I’m sorry” and a heavy pat in the back that made the poor young man falter a bit.
Hyun, don’t laugh. Don’t laugh… I told myself but I can’t stop myself and a small giggle escape that made everyone look at me. Blushing in embarassment, I can’t help but ask the ground to swallow me. Especially, when Yonghwa-shi looks at me in wonder. He must think I’m some sort of freak. Oh, please let me disappear this second. I was wallowing in my self-pity when I heard a small snort and saw Yonghwa trying to stop his laugh.

His cheek looks like it was going to burst and I can now see his barely visible dimples. He then gave a deep laugh that made everyone’s attention transfer to him. I look at him as if he grew another head and he gave me a small wink in return.

“I think we already spent a long time outside. Can we go in now? My hands are feeling a bit numb.” He suddenly said that made my Halmeoni bustling with “Where’s my manners?” and “YoungAl-yah, I told you! Young Master is not fit to carry such heavy luggage especially yours.”

Harabeoji just shrug and told them, “Now now, no need to fight.” And lead my Omma and Halmeoni inside the house leaving Yonghwa and I. Alone. Without anyone. Gulp. Alright, breathe Joo Hyun. No need to panic. I mean he is only walking towards you. No harm done.

Breathe Hyunnie! Breathe!

“Soo…” I told him. “Let’s go inside?” Great. Real cool. He gave me a soft look before nodding his head. We walk silently together towards the door and before we went inside, he turned towards me.

“Since I saved you from being embarass, you now owe me a favor.” He told me confidently that I can’t help but look at him disbelievingly, “And that favor is for me to call you what I want.” He gave me a proud smile.

Ehh… Where is the cool and collected guy earlier? Is he suffering from some bipolar disorder? Blowing through my nose to release some unnecessary irritation to this unbelievable guy. I can’t help but think who does he think he is?

“I’ve decided!” he said breaking my reverie. “I’m going to call you, Hyun. It’s really nice to meet you, Joo Hyun.” He then stuck out his tongue and gave a silly smile before running inside our house.

Cham! That guy is getting on my nerves. However… I really like how he says my name. Hyun. Only my parents and grandparents call me that. I guess I’ll give him an exception. And since he gave me a nickname, I’m also going to give him one.

Yong. I’ll call him Yong Oppa. I think it suits him. Smiling, I tried to gather my courage before running towards him,

“Yong Oppa! Wait for me!” I called and I’m glad I did because I saw his eyes lit happily. I think this would be a start of a new friendship.


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Chapter 2: HIS


Have you ever felt so tired that just one move your body would slowly crumble? Like any minute the strong grip that you try so hard to maintain just kept on loosening and loosening?

When I received the mission envelope I felt happy. I’m going to meet Seo Joo Hyun once again with all the craziness of my schedule. But when I read its contents, my heart felt like it suddenly stopped. I’m going to see her... Yes... but... but... it would be our last.

That day, despite my busy schedule and my status as a new artist, I marched to our management with one goal in mind. I need to change their minds. I can still film. I can make my schedule flexible enough to continue this.

I can do it...

“Sangjangnim, I can keep doing We Got Married. I’m sure I can handle it. Hyunnie... Seo Hyun-shi would take care of me and I promise I would too.” I remember that I kept on asking and asking and asking, but the decision is final and I can’t do anything about it anymore.

Somehow I’ve felt like I’ve let her down. And with all the things I have lost... the letter... the trust during the mildang... the gogumas... the scarf... I’ve finally lost the most important of them all... HER.




When I told the CNBlue guys about this, they just turned silent and clapped my back before leaving me in my own world. There was no, “It’s alright, hyung or it’s all just pretense, you can move on”. Just silence and understanding of how much it hurts.

I tried to drown myself from work to forget things. To make my mind move away from the idea that Hyun and I would be apart. I would tire myself endlessly until I can feel my brain numb. I don’t want to think anymore.




I was trapped in my own world when Jungshin suddenly entered my room and glared at me. “Hyung! Seriously, I have enough of you feeling sad and all.” He told me that I couldn’t help but gape.

“Yah! Who are you talking to?”

“Aish! You! My uncool leader!” he said. “Hyung, instead of thinking that you and hyungsoonim will end, think of it as a start! WGM might end but the decision to end your connection is in your hands. Seriously, hyung, sometimes I wonder who’s the eldest between the two of us.”

And for the first time, since I read the mission I laughed. Genuinely laugh.

“Are you going mental, hyung?” Jungshin asked but I only shook my head and gave him a brotherly hug before kicking him out my room. I’m glad I have them as my band mates, as my brothers...

March 14...

White Day (Our end)...

This is one of the special days for couples to spend time with each other. This is the time where I swallowed my pride as a Busan man once again for a certain girl. She may not notice it, but the cookies I’ve given her were made by me with my bandmates and manager laughing at my expense. But it was worth it. Everything is worth it for Joo Hyun.

This is also the first time she’s going to spend her White Day with a guy. Call me selfish but somehow I’m happy with the fact that until the end I’ve spent all her first. I want to be the guy who would make her experience her every “firsts” that would maybe... just maybe let her not forget me.

I’m selfish that way. I don’t want to share Joo Hyun with anyone. I want her to think that when someone gives her a couple ring, her Yong oppa also gave her one before. I want her not to forget me.




Seeing her in her own world as we wait for our money to be withdrawn, I can’t help but try to stop myself from reaching out. Swallowing an invisible block in my throat I called her softly, “Hyun! We need your signature for us to withdraw our account.

"Thank you, Yonghwa-shi, Seohyun-shi. I hope you would once again transact with us." the teller told us and Hyun returned it with a soft "De."

I then slowly roll our bills and face her, "So, how are we going to spend our money? How about we run away, Joo Hyun?"

Run away with me Joo Hyun. Away from everything. Just you and me...

"Eh~ Don’t joke like that, Oppa!" she whined which I only returned with a smile.

But I’m not joking. I’m serious Joo Hyun.

Can’t we just...

Run away?

But I guess I need to stop being selfish. Right Hyun? Oppa should stop stealing everything from you...

After a few hours, we met again. In the MBC lobby. The place that started it all. The place when I first met someone like you. And somehow, I felt weird. I was moving around seemingly bored waiting for you but I’m not. I’m going to miss thinking when I would see you once again while I think of how you would greet me. How you would smile at me. How your eyes would light up.

I’m going to miss everything. I’m going to miss you, Hyun.

"Oppa! Aren't I going to pick someone who is going to be my husband?" she asked and I look at her incredulously.

"Yah, Hyu~n. You don't need to choose anymore because no matter what happens, you'll always choose me. I know you that way." I told her confidently but deep inside I was uncertain. I’m not so sure anymore.

She then laugh at me and I can’t help but scoff. Her laugh...

"Come on, Joo Hyun. Give me your blanket!"

"But Yong Oppa, what if I don't want to?"

"Jashik! If you don't give me that blanket I'll steal it!"

"I'm just joking, Yo~ng."

"Aish! Seriously, Hyu~n, you are giving me a heart attack." I told her and I held her blanket as if it’s the most important thing in my life. I guess it somehow is because this proves everything. It’s the proof that you chose me...


And suddenly uncertainties crept in my heart, "Joo Hyun, if you ever turn back time... Would you still choose me?" I could feel her stare bore into mine and for the first time I can’t look straight at her eyes. I’m afraid of what she would say...


Besides, I’m just Jung YongHwa...




“De, Oppa. I'll still choose you." Her soft voice entered my senses and I suddenly can’t stop myself as I cover her eyes. I slowly envelop her shoulder and whisper a soft, “Jashik”. I’m happy... Thank you, Hyun...

We then went to FNC building and we talk about some random things. I think this would be my most despised and loved room of the building. It has too many memories…

When she told me that she didn’t use her guitar, I felt a little down. That guitar is important for us (for me). Though, it’s a bit strange when I strum her guitar and found it tuned. Is she teasing me once again? Hyun-choding?

I then slowly strum the guitar of one of the most played song I’ve done, “Falling Slowly. “

“Oppa, let’s play it!” she told me and I just can’t say no.

I don't know you

But I want you

All the more for that

Words fall through me

And always fool me

And I can't react

And games that never amount

To more than they're meant

Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home

We've still got time

Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice

You'll make it now I don't know you

The song finally ended and I look at her. She has this slight mist in her smile and I don’t know what to do but joke around. Don’t cry, Joo Hyun. I promise myself to not let you cry...

She was singing one of my favorite SNSD songs when CNBLUE boys suddenly entered. Those punks really know when to ruin a moment, but I’m happy because they accepted Joo Hyun in their life.

They finally bid their farewell and Jungshin suddenly joked, “Hyung, don’t do anything weird.”

“Yah!” I screamed at him. Aish! That little punk. Jonghyun and Minhyuk then dragged him, thinking that I might kill our maknae.

They finally bid their goodbye but what they told Seo Hyun struck me the most,


I suddenly think that she became such a large part of our lives that even my brothers can’t seem to let her go. I’ll even bet my omonim would cry her heart out when she knows that her one and only daughter-in-law is ‘divorcing’ his son.

“Are you alright, Hyu~n?”

Pause. “Yes, Oppa.”

Somehow, I don’t want to believe her but I let it go.

“I’m glad.” I then went to fetch my guitar and sat down. I was thinking of what I would sing for her a few days back and I just think this fit us. Besides... it is written for her...

When I first saw you, it was like a dream

Because of your smiles which are like that of an angel

If this you could become my love, what would I do

Just thinking about that had me feel so happy

I will let you know

I’m imagining you

Imagine you looking at a smiling me

You who are holding my hand~ Oh~ Oh~

Under a spell you become my love

Imagining you, imagining you sleeping in my arms

You’re kissing me~ Oh~ Oh~

Imagining sweetly

In a white house on a small green green hill

We are sitting on a yellow swing

I serve you morning coffee when you wake up in the morning

I imagine to be with you every day

Imagining myself holding you~ Oh~ Oh~

Imagining sweetly

Every day we can imagine our being the other’s half

We imagine that we become more and more alike

My dream will come true

I love you, be my love

I love you, I pluck up my courage and confess

Oh~ oh~

You’re my imagine love

Once I’m done I look at her expectantly.

“It was great, Oppa.”


“I really love this song Oppa. Seriously. I would even add it to my collection of songs from CNBlue."

"Promise?" I gave her my pinky and she hooks it into mine.


"Joo Hyun... Joo Hyun..." Promise me that you won’t forget Oppa. Promise me that no matter what happens I’m important to you. Promise me that Oppa will always remain important to you.

Promise me, Hyun.


I shook my head to clear all those thoughts and smirk, "It's nothing. So what did my buin prepare for me?"

"Ehh~ Why do you think I prepared something for you?" I pouted at her that I know she can’t resist.

"Yah! I'm expecting a lot from you Hyu~n."

"I'm just joking, Yong-choding." She then went to fetch her guitar and slowly strum the familiar chords.


The first day that we met, I still remember that awkward meeting.

What words should I say, how should I reply.. I really worried a lot.

But a day passed, and then a month, and now a year,

I won't be able to forget those precious memories and have a final thing I want to say.

We will be able to speak banmal even though it's a bit awkward and unnatural.

Instead of thank you (formally) should I say it a bit more casually (banmal)?

We will be able to speak banmal, as I slowly draw closer.

Now, I will look into your two eyes and say it.. I love you.

I can’t remove my eyes from her. Joo Hyun-na! Joo Hyuy! You... Sigh. Be a man, Yonghwa. Don’t cry. It felt like a hand is squeezing my heart. It’s so hard to breath.

What did you do to my heart, Hyun?

"Hyu~n! You're really a genius! So pretty! Like a Goddess" And I clap and clap and clap. Those are the words that I can only say. I may be good at creating lyrics but I’m not good at stringing words to tell.

Banmal. I can’t help but feel my lips quirk a bit. She’s really cute with her attempts to talk to me. She may seem awkward but for me...

She’s beautiful...




It was nearing 4:00AM and the filming is about to end. As I was driving her home, we are having fun exchanging small talks. Never once did we encounter an awkward silence. In my heart, I hope that time would just slow down and stop. That someone would be kind enough to let us remain like this.

“What are you going to do, Seo Joo Hyun? What are you going to do with your life without me? It's boring.” What am I going to do now? Without you my life would lost its color.

“I know...” I know...


I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous on what I’m going to do but if I want us to continue. I must do this...

“Hyu~n. Give me your hand.”

She reluctantly gave me her hand and I can’t help but soften. Somehow, until the end she amuses me and she makes it so easy to read her.

"I'm not going to return MY ring, Joo Hyun. You gave this to me so basically I own this." I told her, "Didn't I told you already? No one knows you like I do." She then hit me in my shoulder and this time I release a real laugh. Joo Hyun and her strength...

I then held her hand and slip my gift into hers and I laced my fingers not wanting to let go, “It's my gift to you, Hyun but don't look at it until we part. Thank you for being a part of Jung Yonghwa's life."

04:00 AM

We finally arrive in front of her door. This time everything finally sinks in.

"I guess this is the en-"

"No Hyun... This is goodbye to our virtual marriage but, it will be the start of our real journey. " I told her. It can’t be our end. I just can’t go back. I’m sorry for being selfish once again but I just... can’t.

It’s now or never. I then hold her hand and stepped back and bow, "Annyeonghaseyo, Jung Yonghwa imnida."

Please answer, Seo Hyun.

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Seo Joo Hyun... makne-... no... I mean I'm Seo Joo Hyun.... just Seo Joo Hyun."

Smile. "Joo Hyun... I hope we would become very good friends." And hopefully something more. I really hope.

I once remember saying goodbye to my parents in Busan hoping to reach my dreams here in Seoul. That time, it hurts to let go but this time as I look at her retreating back, I felt like the strong grip I’ve tried to keep on holding is slowly loosening. And when she finally disappears from my sight, I crumbled. I thought...

I just let you go, Joo Hyun?

Step by step, I feel like my tired body is slowly shutting down. Shakily, I entered my car and rest my head to the wheel and I broke down. Hidden from everything. I cried.

It hurts

It hurts

It hurts

Taking a large gulp of air, I stare at the road in front of me. I hope she have read my letter. Joo Hyun, I’ve given you my everything. It’s now up to you if you would still accept me.

Smiling at my bitterness, I started my car and drove home. Besides, I need to sleep now so I can call her tomorrow.

This would be the start Joo Hyun.

Our start.



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Have you ever felt like the air you breath somehow suffocates you? Or like any minute your beating heart would suddenly jump from your chest?

No amount of books can explain to me why I felt that way when I received the mission envelop that is telling me that my ‘marriage’ with Yong-oppa will come to a close. Books explained to me that you would feel crush like there's this vicious knife stabbing repeatedly at your heart but I felt different. I never experience the stabbing pain. The empty gap. And all those things those books tell. The only emotion running through me is...


Absolutely nothing. Like all my emotions suddenly turned numb and the only thing that entered my mind is I'm glad. I'm glad because I know that Oppa would have time for himself to rest because I would never forgive myself if he suddenly fainted because of me. His health is the most important for me.




That day I told my unnies what happened. I told them that Oppa and I will soon part. I didn't even shed a single tear when all of them surrounded me and gave me a huge hug.

"It's alright, Hyunnie... It's alright..." I remember Hyoyeon-unnie telling me as she trace comforting circle at my back. I can't tell her I'm alright, she won't believe me. But I'm really fine with it. I'm fine with it...




March 14....

White Day (Our end)...

This is one of the special day for couples to spend another time with each other. A time where according to my unnies, boys turned cheesy and tried to show how much they love their partner. A day where girls is considered the object of everybody's affection.

Another first that I would spend with Oppa. Now that I think of it, Oppa awfully spend all of my first. First couple things. First couple rings. First guy I came to get close to. First kiss. First... love? First... heartbreak? (I'm not really sure) And many other first in my life... If I would accuse Oppa something, I'll tell him he's really selfish. I mean how can other guys equate to the things he did with me. Who can be as patient as he is to me? Who Oppa??

Would recreating our memories made me see, who Jung Yonghwa really is in my life? Would it prove to me that I was not dreaming for a year and you're actually real?

"Hyun! We need your signature for us to withdraw our account." you called me softly as I gave a smile and fluidly sign my name.

"Thank you, Yonghwa-shi, Seohyun-shi. I hope you would once again transact with us." the teller told us and we return it with a soft "De."

Oppa slowly roll our bills and faced me, "So, how are we going to spend our money? How about we run away, Joo Hyuy?"

"Eh~ Don’t joke like that, Oppa!" I can't help but feel my heart slowly stop. For some odd reason I want to say yes. I want to run away with him. I want to...

BUT I must never feel selfish. Oppa’s health is at stake. He comes first...

After a few hours, we met again. In the MBC lobby. The place that started it all. The start and the end of our journey... And for the first time, I felt my heart beating once again. Slowly but it felt like its pounding. But I hide it with my laughs and jokes.




"Oppa! Aren't I going to pick someone who is going to be my husband?" I asked and Oppa look at me incredulously. "Yah, Hyu~n. You don't need to choose anymore because no matter what happens you'll always choose me. I know you that way."

I laugh at his self-confidence while he scoffs at my reaction. "Come on, Joo Hyun. Give me your blanket!"

"But Yong Oppa, what if I don't want to?"

"Jashik! If you don't give me that blanket I'll steal it!"

"I'm just joking, Yon~g."

"Aish! Seriously, Hyu~n, you are giving me a heart attack." he told me as he held his blanket like a trophy. Suddenly, his triumphant grin turn into a small smile. Still looking at my (his) blanket, he softly asked, "Joo Hyun, if you ever turn back time... Would you still choose me?"

I look at him weirdly thinking that he's turning nuts with his questions. How can even turn back time? But if ever I can really turn back time....

I would....

"De, Oppa. I'll still choose you." I suddenly felt a cloth cover my eyes before someone envelop my shoulder. A soft "Jashik" was all I heard followed by his loud laughter.

It was nearing 3:00AM when we arrived at FNC building. This is the first time I stayed up this late (adding to the list of first with him). I really missed that studio. It’s been too long since we came back here and it’s such a fun to tease Oppa. When I told him, I haven’t touched my guitar for so long I can feel his disappointment. But I guess, I can’t lie to him so long because he instantly knew that I played the guitar because it’s tuned.

When I suddenly heard the soft strum of his guitar, I can’t help but smile. Falling Slowly.

“Oppa, let’s play it!” I told him happily as I went to the piano. He gave me his smile and started strumming.

I don't know you
But I want you
All the more for that
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can't react
And games that never amount
To more than they're meant
Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You'll make it nowI don't know you

I tried my best to stop my fingers from turning stiff and shaking. He just... he just...

I’m going to miss that stare. That voice. That smile...


I was singing Oppa one of his favorite SNSD song when the lights turned off and out came CNBLUE brother-in-laws. I can’t help but laugh as they try to reenact our first meeting. I can still remember as they snap their fingers while singing. Has it been that long already? Each one of them gave us (me) a message that really touches my heart. Those boys are really one of the most pure people I'll ever know and I'm glad they become a part of my life.

They finally bid us farewell with Jungshin-chingoo joking, "Hyung don't do anything weird!"

"Yah!" Oppa screamed making all of us laugh. Jonghyun-oppa and Minhyuk drag their Jungshin-chingoo before Yon~g kills him. They where almost outside when all three faced us expectantly and all of a sudden shouted,


I suddenly felt a burst of emotion flow through my blood. Their question suddenly made my brain finally work after its unexpected shutdown. It's like the gear in my head is slowly turning, sending thousands of impulse in my head. I tried so hard to keep my emotions at bay as I gave them a shy smile; "Of course"

They happily bowed down to us before running out. No matter what happens after this I'll never forget them. However.... their outburst made me realize what is happening for the first time. It's like those movies when you are dying and a burst of memories flash through you. My early numbness suddenly hurt so much. Don't cry... don't cry. I repeatedly told myself.

"Are you alright, Hyu~n?"

No. I'm not alright. "Yes Oppa."

"I’m glad" He then went to fetch his guitar and sat down. Just like once upon a time when he sang me that song...

When I first saw you, it was like a dream
Because of your smiles which are like that of an angel
If this you could become my love, what would I do
Just thinking about that had me feel so happy

I will let you know
I’m imagining you
Imagine you looking at a smiling me
You who are holding my hand~ Oh~ Oh~
Under a spell you become my love
Imagining you, imagining you sleeping in my arms
You’re kissing me~ Oh~ Oh~
Imagining sweetly

In a white house on a small green green hill
We are sitting on a yellow swing
I serve you morning coffee when you wake up in the morning

I imagine to be with you every day
Imagining myself holding you~ Oh~ Oh~
Imagining sweetly

Every day we can imagine our being the other’s half
We imagine that we become more and more alike
My dream will come true

I love you, be my love
I love you, I pluck up my courage and confess
Oh~ oh~
You’re my imagine love

It sounded great. I've actually heard it when he texted me and told me that his new CF came out. My unnies never stopped teasing me about the song telling how lucky I was for having him. I could feel his eyes look at me expectantly.

"It was great, Oppa."

"Jashik. Is that all you have to say?" he asked and I can't help but laugh. "Are you trying to find compliments from me, Oppa?"


You're great. I won't find anyone like you. I appreciate everything. I love this song. I...

"I really love this song Oppa. Seriously. I would even add it to my collection of songs from CNBlue."

"Promise?" He then gave me his pinky as I hook mine "Promise."

"Joo Hyun... Joo Hyuy..." he softly called as he looks at our interlocked fingers. "De..."

He then shook his head and smirk, "It's nothing. So what did my buin prepare for me?"

"Ehh~ Why do you think I prepared something for you?" I teased that made him looked like a child deprived of a candy. "Yah! I'm expecting a lot from you Hyu~n."

"I'm just joking, Yong-choding." Slowly, I fetch my (his) guitar and tried to focus on the song I've painstakingly learn.

The first day that we met, I still remember that awkward meeting.
What words should I say, how should I reply.. I really worried a lot.
But a day passed, and then a month, and now a year,
I won't be able to forget those precious memories and have a final thing I want to say.
We will be able to speak banmal even though it's a bit awkward and unnatural.
Instead of thank you (formally) should I say it a bit more casually (banmal)?
We will be able to speak banmal, as I slowly draw closer.
Now, I will look into your two eyes and say it.. I love you.

I could feel his piercing stare when I was singing the song and when I'm already done he gave me a round of applause.

"Hyu~n! You're really a genius! So pretty! Like a Goddess" I'm going to miss that. The way he indulges me with compliments. All through out the show as well as the time we spend together outside or when he text and call he would never forgot to compliment me. Even to the simplest things I do. I feel like I was a bit unfair to him. He continuously tries to erase my insecurities with thousands of compliments but I didn't even return it as much. It seems I still lack a lot to become a good wife and now I can't change my action anymore. There's no more time. And the only thing I can give him is the way I would talk Banmal.

Too Late...

Too Late...

Too Late...

I may have started awkward with my Banmal but as I continue to talk to him and his smile growing more and more... I can’t help but feel why I didn’t try it before. Why did I only start now? Why is Oppa still accommodating and praising the lacking me? Why...

It was nearing 4:00AM and the filming is about to end. As we rode in his red car, I still can’t believe he has a license and a car already, and was having fun exchanging small talks. Never did once did we encounter an awkward silence. This time I hope beyond hope that time would stop.

I know that the only thing that is ending is this show. Maybe I'm even being overly dramatic because I believe in Oppa and I know (I hope) that he would still call and text me. However, this show is our escape and excuse to relax and have fun. This show is one of those concrete things that made us see each other. This show is our bridge to each other. I know that when I arrive at my door, seeing and going out with each other would be scarce to none. Fans would misunderstand.

Our relationship. Oppa and I, is an unknown blurred lines. It's like we are best friends stepping towards the side of being lovers. I'm still unsure between the difference between like and love but one thing I'm sure of is Yong Oppa is in the middle of the two. I like him very much but I'm not sure if it's already reached the stage of love. I mean how would you know if you already love someone? I may have an idea between the difference between love and like but... Do I already love him?
He broke my reverie when he suddenly asked me, “What are you going to do, Seo Joo Hyun? What are you going to do with your life without me? It's boring.”

I can’t help but stop and only answered, “I know...”
I know that I would feel that there’s a certain void that you would left me. I know that I won’t smile like before without you making jokes at me. I know that I won’t be as free as I can be without you... I know, Oppa... I know...

"Hyu~n. Give me your hand" he suddenly said after a few minutes of silence from his heavy question. I looked at him as his eyes focused at the road in front of him, a serious look etched in his handsome face.

Reluctantly, I gave him my right hand. I can't help but feel afraid that he might be returning the ring I gave him. Unconsciously, I closed my hand into a fist and I heard him laugh at what I did.

"I'm not going to return MY ring, Joo Hyun. You gave this to me so basically I own this." he reassured me as if reading my thoughts, "Didn't I told you already? No one knows you like I do."

I hit him in his shoulder at his teasing before surrendering my hands. I trust you.

He then held my hand and I felt a cold metal lying beneath our hands as he laced our fingers.

"It's my gift to you, Hyun but don't look at it until we part. Thank you for being a part of Jung Yonghwa's life." he whispered. Seemingly wishing that the camera would not see our exchange. Shakily, I let go of his hands and slip his gift in my bag.

04:00 AM.
We arrive at our dorm. Like Cinderella the fairytale would end at the strike of midnight but this is not a fairytale. This is the real world.

"I guess this is the en-"

"No Hyun... This is the goodbye to our virtual marriage but also the start of our real journey. " He told me seriously as he held both my hands as if he doesn't want to let me go but then he stepped back and bowed,

"Annyeonghaseyo, Jung Yonghwa imnida."

Taking a deep breath, "It's nice to meet you. I'm Seo Joo Hyun... makne-... no... I mean I'm Seo Joo Hyun.... just Seo Joo Hyun."

"Joo Hyuy... I hope we would become very good friends." I also wish for that to come true and maybe someday even more than that stage. I then gave him a bow before turning away from him.

Step by step, I felt like the cold air is impending my functions to breath but I don't want to look back because even if we promise ourselves to start anew it still hurts. My heartbeat seems to pound in my head and as I enter our dorm all of my unnies are wide-awake. Finally my walls broke and I slid down and cry...

I felt everyone rush to my side and I found myself envelop in Hyoyeon's embrace, "There... there Seohyunnie... It's alright"

But the tears just won't stop. I would miss my Yong. My Yong-choding. I'm not even sure if we could really stay in touch. He would be busy filming and as much as I would support him and adore Shinhye-unnie, it's still hurt to know that he would have another girl to take care of.

It hurts...

It hurts...

It hurts...

Carefully they lead me to my room. "Rest yourself, maknae. I even asked Hyoyeon to sleep in my room so you would not be disturbed. Rest." Taeyeon-unnie said before she closed my door softly. I'm thankful for my unnies for their understanding and help.

Dragging myself, I change into my pajamas before searching for my bag. I soon found the small metal box that Oppa gave me. Slowly, I opened it and a folded paper fell and beneath it was a chain.

Picking the letter, it said:


Hello! If you are already reading this then that means our marriage already ended and I bet my buin-ah is already crying and missing her nampyeon. kekeke. But don't worry, your nampyeon misses you too. Also, Oppa is sorry that we did not finish our list of things to do during our marriage but don't worry. Trust Yong! I will do my best to grant our list one by one. I'm really happy to have met you and the chain in the box is for our ring. You know how I always lose things. That's why I've decided to have a couple chain with you. I always wish you all the best. Girls Generation Hwaiting!

From Yong-seobang..

PS: I'll call you once I wake up so rest now so you can answer my call. kekeke.

Daintily, I picked up the silver chain in all my crying mess, I laugh and berate myself. I'm being stupid for worrying. I guess I'm not all that brilliant, Yong. I trust Oppa fully and I know that he consider me important. And I believe he... WE... would do what ever we can to meet each other.

This... I guess is the real start of our relationship...


Spring Equinox: Chapter 2
 Chapter 2:

I STOOD INSIDE AN EXPENSIVE LOOKING LIVING ROOM. Surrounded by exquisite looking vases and ceiling adorned with chandeliers. Chambermaids come in and out of the room. Some carrying dustpans and mops and not even once did they look at where I stand.
Confused. I feel out of place. I decided to ask a passing chambermaid holding a tea set where I am but rather than being noticed I was ignored. As if, I’m not even there. I tried to reach for her and to my surprise I only pass through her. I looked at my hands. Am I already dead? I can’t help but ask myself. I tried to follow the chambermaid to know where I am. After weaving through a number of halls, I stop in front of a mahogany door carved with great precisions. The forest design that adorned the lower part of the door looks alive.
The chambermaid knock and a gruff voice told her to enter. I followed her and I found a young man standing in front of me. His face hidden as he looks in front towards the man who has a very kind looking face but his smile lines was gone and replace with wrinkles of worry.
Standing defiant at the man who looks like his superior, the young man stood tall. “Son, do you really think that woman is worth the throne you’ve been destined to own?!” the man’s voice roares. For a moment, I felt my nerves jump. Bitterness and resentment weave his question but most of all sadness. Sadness for whom? I do not know but what the young man said sooth my frazzle nerves. “Any throne even if it’s my destiny is worth if it’s for her.” He then excused himself and was about to face me when I felt a sudden pressure to my head.


“Ouch!” I hissed as I felt a sting from my forehead. This would leave a nice bump in my head. Great. I stole a glance at the front car and find my mother catching up with Yonghwa. Not even noticing my little head accident, which is great because it would be so embarrassing to explain, why I suddenly bang my head in the window. Sighing, I decided to revert my gaze outside the car. People’s faces, buildings past through my gaze and finally five minutes have passed and I could already see the faint structure of my grandparent’s villa.
And as soon as I did. I felt like my heart is about to jump from my heart.

Lub dub…

Lub dub…

Lub dub…

My heartbeat rang in my ears. And as if something or someone is holding my heart. I can’t seem to breathe. I tried to release some air. To feel if my breathing is still the same. In and out. In and out.
I stare at the villa as it increases its size as we approach. My heartbeat becomes more eratic. Someone is waiting for me. Or something. I’m not sure. Reaching a hand to the cold glass window of the car. I tried to reach out and then everything became hazy. Like the world around me is spinning. And then there’s NOTHING. I can’t remember anything. What happened? What have I felt? Totally blank.


“Hyun. Wake up. We’re already here.” Who’s talking? I groggily opened my eyes and I blearily saw the hunch outline of my mother. Letting out a soft groan I can’t help but ask, what the heck happened?

Slowly standing up from my sleep, I can’t help but feel a little disoriented. I know that something weird happened when I was in the car however I can’t remember it. No matter how much I try to bang my head I only draw a blank.

“Hyun, stop looking lost and get out of the car.” My mom ordered which made me grumble a bit. Heaving a small sigh, I slowly went out of the car and I saw my grandparents’ villa in front of me. It’s actually a simple white two-story house with a wide garden. I remember when I was five years old I would spend most of my time in the garden helping my halmeoni in taking care of the flowers. She adore flowers so much that when spring comes a different myriad of colors would welcome your eyes.

I guess my mom’s choice of vacation isn’t that bad at all. It’s almost time for the flowers to bloom and I can’t wait to see it. Feeling my mood turn into a lighter one, I happily went to the trunk of the car to get my bag. I was about to reach for it when Yonghwa already beat me.
“I got it.” He said and also went to get my mom’s pink suitcase. He easily lifts both our suitcase and walk regally towards the house porch and I was left staring stupidly at the now empty trunk. I then heard him chuckle as he casually said, “No matter how long you look at the trunk you’ll see nothing.”

Gaping at him openly, I can’t help but release a small huff. How dare him mock me! That suitcase stealer! Amf. Angrily, I close the trunk of his expensive looking car as hard as I can; not even minding if I even broke it.

I glare at his back as hard as I can as I follow him silently. I didn’t even realize that my mom is still there which resulted to me almost tripping on my walk when she suddenly said, “Isn’t Yonghwa such a nice child?”

Recovering from my little episode, I look at my mom incredulously, “Omma don’t shock me like that! And he is definitely not a nice child. He stole our suitcase!”

“Really Hyunnie... You’re such a child. How can Yonghwa steal our suitcase when he is only helping us carry it?” My mom told me in an appraising tone. Really, mother, who is your child here? You should defend me.

“Omma! Why are you taking his side? Besides, how can you trust him with our things when I don’t even know him?” I pointed out that made her laugh. “I just trust him Hyunnie. Besides, you may not know him but I do. His parents are really important people and they are my friends.”
“Still, that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t know him!” I said. My mother then looks at me weirdly and gave her creepy smile. The smile she always does when she would say something her crazy mind has come up to. That’s the smile she has when she informed me that she asked dad to not include us in his Caribbean cruise! I don’t like that smile.

“Hyunnie...” Ugh. Here it goes, “If I may say so... I think you just have a small crush on Yonghwa. And don’t you dare deny it. I know that look. That’s the look you give whenever you watch that Japanese drama.” She then smile and skip her way towards the object of our discussion.
I slowly fan myself as I feel my cheeks heat up. Blowing air through my nose I can’t help but mumble, “I don’t have a crush on him.” Really, I don’t. Well... basically, I do find him attractive but I don’t know if I like him that way. I mean how can you tell if you like someone. Pst. Until I’m not sure of the answer to my question, I would hold my ground. I DON’T LIKE HIM!


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It was exactly 5:00 in the morning when our plane landed on our destination; Busan. Cold and tired from the 5 hours ride, I can’t help but already feel a bitter resentment to the place. The place my ancestors were born.

Slowly, unbuckling my seatbelt and putting my headphones on while turning my ipod to the highest possible sound it can produce, I begrudgingly followed my over enthusiast mother. My wonderful mother who conjured the thought of going back to this city instead of being with dad in a Caribbean cruise and learning how to fish salmon or whatever fishes my father is already reeling in. Instead, I’m stuck here with her, on her ‘reminiscing childhood memories’ mode.

Yanking my earphones away from me, my mother tried to give me a glare with her kind gray eyes. Instead of feeling scared, I tried to stop myself from snorting and landing myself into deeper trouble. “Seo Joo Hyun, stop standing there like a tree and help me find our luggage!” she told me and went back to her endless fight with the conveyer, never leaving her sight to find her bright pink suitcase and my plain black one.

“Aha! There it is! Seriously Hyunnie, would it waste your precious time to help your poor old mother in getting our luggage?” she said as I stare at her. One thing I’m certainly sure of is that she doesn’t look like a poor old woman. On the contrary, she looks more like my elder sister with her heart shape face, pale skin and long black locks you’ll never realize she’s already on her late thirties and has a teenage daughter.

This would sometimes lead me to wondering how two beautiful beings gave birth to me. Well, I’m not exactly what you call ugly but I’m also not exceptionally beautiful like my mother. That is why whenever I look at my parents, I can’t help but feel inferior. They are the perfect little beings if there is such a thing as perfect. But one thing I can be sure of is I’m thankful to have their genes. Because I’m very fond of my brown eyes that according to my mother runs in our blood whatever that means and my long brown hair that I have inherited from my dad.

I was having my moment of self-gratification when something caught my vision. He was standing a few feet away from us. Unlike everyone inside the airport who seems to busy to get out or in a hurry to leave this place and haul a taxi to get home he seemed to be very patient. He just stood there calmly. As if he was waiting for someone and maybe he is. Curious at whom he may be waiting for, I tried to trace his line of vision and I was only left with disappointment because I only saw throngs of strangers who doesn’t seem to notice the young man that stood there.

Maybe he is waiting for his girlfriend. Yes. His girlfriend. I mean who wouldn’t have a girlfriend with a face like his. He has a light brown complexion that seems to complement his aura. His hair, which reaches his shoulder, is as black as the night sky, it falls down on his forehead, and it follows the way he moves. The contour of his face is so flawless that it seems like the most talented sculptor of the world had sculpted him. Everything about him screams perfect. So perfect that he seems unreal.
And if I was on my early teenage years, I could have laugh at myself at how I’m blatantly staring at a random guy. I’m actually the type of girl who never really gives a moment or two for a guy. Even if he’s ‘super cute’, as stated by my friends, or someone that is so popular that half the school might jump in his arms kind of men. Somehow, physical attraction elludes my attention. I always believe that maybe it’s because I’m more of a character person than a physical one but I guess this guy has proven me wrong. So much for liking someone because of his character cause by mercy, that guy is really a dream.

“What are you looking at?” my mother’s voice suddenly breaks my reverie, which made me jump and say, “Nothing!” Realizing that I denied it too quickly, I can’t help but feel a large groan coming. One thing my mother doesn’t accept is the answer, ‘nothing’. She would get suspicious. No. She is already suspicious with the way her grey eyes would glint dangerously at me.

“Hyun” Here it goes. “You know you can tell me everything. Even if this trip is not exactly as happy as your fathers’, I still want you to come here because it’s important for you and me. Don’t worry, after this spring, we can go to any cruise you want. So, tell me what’s bothering you?”

As much as I love my dear mother, I can’t help but despise that she’s clueless most of the time but when it matters her perceiveness is a sharp as any investigator I may know. How should I say that this trip is not the one bothering me but a certain stranger who by some reason I started picturing in my head very clearly. I can’t just say, ‘Omma, you see your daughter is bordering on being stalkerish at some random guy who by the way looks to perfect for his own good. I just want to tie him and take him with us.’ I’m sure that no matter how important this trip is, my mother would haul me back to the plane and tell my father to send their only daughter to an asylum. Sigh.

“It really is nothing, omma.” I lied. “I just can’t wait to see halmeoni and harabeoji. And also, I want to see their garden. I miss it so much.” I feel so guilty. Even if what I said was half-true I was never really a great liar.

My mother looks at me suspiciously before her eyes soften. I’m saved! I can’t believe it! “Don’t worry Hyun. You’ll see your halmeoni soon but first I hope we can find the person who would pick us here.”

She then went searching for the person who would pick us up. I looked at her as she comically tiptoed to see behind the number of people in front of her; you see my mother is not really given the gift of height. She was only 159cm in comparison to my height, which is around 168cm. And seeing as she jumps a bit to see those behind the people who are much taller than her, I can’t help but bite back a giggle. Her eyes then lit up after a series of jumps and wave at a certain person. I look at whom she’s greeting and I can’t help but feel disbelief but most of all a blush coming. It’s him. The person who by some odd reason I’m already fantisizing about. And he knows my mom! Oh my goodness!

“Good day, Imo!” his deep baritone voice filter through the air. Such dreamy voice. No! It’s not dreamy. I mean… Sigh. Wake up, Hyun. “I’m glad that you can still remember my face. I was afraid the both of you already left and decided to take the taxi instead.”

“Well, I do have keen eyesight even at my old age.” My mother said. “I’m glad to see you once again, Yonghwa. And my you’ve gotten tall.” At my mother’s comment, I can’t help but look at him from head to toe. He was about 180cm. And he seemed quite contented about my mother’s compliment.

“Oh! I have forgotten. Yonghwa, I would like you to meet Joohyun.” My mother suddenly said that made me blush more as I shyly look at his dark eyes, which I now found out turns to crescent when he smiles. Another thing to list in my mind, which is now officially labeled “Notes of Yonghwa’s perfection”. Great! Real normal Seo Hyun-na.

“It’s a pleasure to meet Imo’s daughter.” He greeted me. “Halmeoni and Harabeoji told me a lot of stories about you.” They did. What did my grandparents said? And apparently my mother left the fact that she know someone who look like a model in a magazine but only better. And I thought my parents are perfect.

“Hyun, stop zoning off and greet Yonghwa.” She told me that I can’t help but feel embarassed. I shakily gave my hand to him and smile.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Yonghwa-shi.” I said in my soft voice that I know my mother would easily recognize. I gave her a sideway glance and I could see her smiling contentedly as if she knows something I don’t. Before I could react at her gaze, I felt soft lips touch the back of my hand. Surprise, I can’t help but pull it immediately back to my side.

Still bowed from his position, he gave me one of his smiles that made me realized that he has this cute sets of teeth even that snaggletooth is perfect for him. I mean.... sigh... what is happening to me?

“The pleasure is all mine, Seo Hyun-shi.” At this statement, I don’t know if I can turn any redder anymore but I did. Embarassed. Confused and distraught. I don’t know what to say. Or my mind doesn’t seem to be functioning very well. I’m not sure why. I mean he is a complete stranger. I don’t even know him. But strangely I feel a certain twinge when he’s around. Is this what they call love at first sight? Rubbish! I don’t believe in those things. Maybe… I’m just tired. That’s the most plausible explanation I could think of. I’m tired. And that’s all.

Though… it’s a little strange, really. As I look at him. I feel a certain connection. Like he’s something I’ve been missing my whole life. As if deep inside I know him. Who are you really? What would you be in my life?
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I never thought of perceiving myself as someone special. I’m just a regular 20 years old girl who is going through teenage life like any other girl in the world. Everything is laid out for me; my life, my future, my destiny.

But as I stood in front of thousands of people who have strange wings on their backs, I knew then and there that I’m no ordinary girl. My life that I have lived for 20 years is all but a dream; an illusion that covers the truth, and now that the truth came out...And I’m not so sure I’m safe anymore. Living a lie for so long I don’t even know who I am anymore.

However, one thing I am sure of is I need to get out of here. To run away from this destiny... as I clutch my favourite flower, which he gave, to reassure me, I turn away. To escape what I am supposed to be. What they chose me to be. No one even tried to stop me. Maybe they thought I was not worth enough. Or maybe they think I’m just but a child. Afraid of reality that glares upon me. But no matter what they think. I don’t care. I want my freedom. And soon... I’ll get it. Just a few more steps.

“Hyun.” Until he blocked my path and stare at me. Hypnotizing… Captivating eyes… that always held me prisoner. His prisoner. And as always his eyes told me all. How sorry he was… how much he needs me… how much he…

NO! He betrayed me. I’m just his puppet. Always following where his strings would pull me. He is the reason why my destiny had changed. A future I don’t ever want to acquire. I hate him! I hate everything about him. Everything. My laid out future crumbled because of him. And most of all, I hate myself for not moving. For stopping. For hesitating. And for yielding.

Letting go at the now withered flower I surrendered. I decided to stay. To stay with him. My more logical mind screamed at me to run as far away as possible. But I can’t. Because for some odd reason... I fell in love with a dark prince that would never give me the happy ending I desire.


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